Practice Areas & Services

Practice Areas & Services

Ostrolenk Faber is a full service intellectual property law firm offering services in the national and international patent, trademark, and copyright fields.

Ostrolenk’s attorneys and professional staff have more than five hundred years of collective experience in intellectual property counseling, procurement, transactions, and litigation.

Our patent practice encompasses a wide array of technical and industrial fields including national and international patent procurement in the electrical, the mechanical, the chemical and materials, the life sciences and the computer science fields to name a few.  We also have extensive experience in the national and the international procurement of design patents.

Our trademark and copyright practices also span many industries including, for example, the fashion industry, the jewelry industry, and the software industry. 

Our intellectual property services are not limited to procurement of intellectual property rights and court litigation.  We also handle intellectual property legal challenges before national agencies, and internationally through collaboration with an affiliated law firm from our extensive network of international intellectual property law firms.       

As a service, we also manage patent and trademark portfolios.

It is our approach to work intimately with the client to identify alternatives and strategies that would best suit the client’s business objectives in every matter we handle.